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Class B to A Upgrade and Refresher

Class B to A Upgrade


$300.00 per person

16 person limit per session

Open to all employees and associates

All theory training is provided using J.J. Keller® Training materials and real world experience with trainer. All training is compliant Entry Level Driver Training requirements set by the FMCSA 49 CFR parts 380 Appendix A and 383 and includes:

Basic Operation 

Safe Operating Procedures

 Advanced Operating Practices

 Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions
Non-Driving Activities

Coupling and Uncoupling

And More




$1,790 per person

All individuals must have their CLP, DOT Physical (if required), pre-employment drug screen, and Clearinghouse Queries completed prior to beginning  any behind-the-wheel training.

Range training includes:

Alley Docks—90° and 45°

Parallel Parking

Off-Set Backing

Straight Line Back


Road training will include rural and city driving time. Road training will also include instruction on:

Nighttime Driving

Skid Control/Recovery

Extreme Driving Conditions

And More


All training is compliant with FMCSA Entry Level Training requirements and must be completed for entry into federal database.

In order to provide quality training to each individual, BTW training is limited to two (2) individuals per truck. Observation time cannot be used for their entry into the federal registry. Only actual time can be registered. 

Refresher Training


$149.00 per hour per person

16 person limit per session for theory

2 person per vehicle limit for BTW training

Open to all employees and associates

Refresher training is performed in an ala carte fashion. The employer decides what topics they would like their employees to focus on. This is targeted training to address a specific situation or need. Examples include:

Pre-Trip/Enroute/Post-Trip Inspections

Hours-of-Service Compliance

Shifting Manual Transmission

Backing, Docking, and other Slow Maneuvers



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