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Heaven's Highway

Our loved ones who may no longer be with us, but are still our guardian angels as we travel the lonely highways.

To Honor You
CDL Semi Tractor Trailer
Heavens Highway
Anthony Tony Kinney

Anthony "Roach" Kinney

Anthony "Tony" Kinney was a lifelong trucker. He loved his job as a scrap hauler for A&B Iron and Metal in Dayton, Ohio. Tony loved riding his motorcycle and could be found riding whenever the weather would cooperate. He started driving when he was 18 years old and drove all over the United States. He has visited every state that you can get a truck to. 

January 15, 1961 ~ October 2, 2022

Steve Porath

Steve Porath loved everything about the trucking industry. He found his passion in training new drivers. He trained for many years. He was a veteran of the United States Army, a foster parent, and a business owner. He loved his motorcycle, gardening, and playing pool. 

April 19, 1957 ~ March 19, 2022
Steve Porath
Johnny English Junior

Johnny English Jr. 

Johnny was an owner operator who loved life on the road. He studied auto body repair and painting, but found his calling on the highways and open roads of the United States. He still tinkered around with the mechanical side of things, pushing design limits and giving everything he touched a personal element.  

March 31, 1976 ~ December 16, 2021

John "Gater" Wilson 

"Gater", as he was known to his friends, was a United States Army Veteran and a retired long-haul trucker. His friendly and outgoing personality garnered him friends from coast to coast and from all walks of life. 

November 13, 1955 ~ August 31, 2022
John Gator Wilson
Emmett Crosby Junior

Emmett Crosby Jr. 

Emmet was first introduced to the trucking world when he was in the Army as infantry.  One day at the end of the day, he and his fellow infantrymen were resting under a tree, after a hard day. They were watching some truckers, trying to put their trucks where they were supposed to be. He watched for a while as the truckers failed to get the trucks in place. Finally, knowing it was simple (at least to him) he walked over and asked if they wanted some help. The men kind of giggled, because, after all, they were the truckers. Who did this upstart think he was, anyway? Ready for a laugh, they said "sure." Long story short, they quickly stopped laughing and started getting Emmett assigned to his new job!!!!!! He was a trucker from that day on.

April 25, 1923 ~ October 25, 2003

Remember Your Loved Ones

If you would like to add your loved one to our "Heaven's Highway" page, simply email a picture of them and the description that you would like to share. There is no cost to have your loved ones added to our page. 

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